A picture of me...you're not missing anything.Welcome! I'm Tim Koby, originally from NJ. That's me on the left. I'm a scientifically-driven person with a love of most things technological. I'm more into software than hardware, but I can operate a soldering iron given a few chances.

At Princeton, I worked on physics research in quite a few areas, all very computationally oriented. I ended with a thesis in particle physics, but shifted to a wide range of computational physics problems in grad school. My dissertation was based on developing a trajectory model for tracking upper atmospheric motion in collaboration for NASA.

A few years ago I co-founded a transformative healthcare technology company, Artisight, that has grown into a fairly large company with 60+ employees and millions in revenue. More importantly, it is improving the lives of healthcare providers and patients by seemlessly organizing unstructured data into actionable information to improve efficiency, reduce burnout, and improve patient outcomes.

If you've read this far, you must be really interested. If I didn't answer something, feel free to e-mail me at tim@timkoby.com. Or you could download my app and leave a rating/comment. That'd be great too.